Directors Corner

April 1, 2023 Edition of Directors Corner:

Every year May is designated to celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of older Americans.  In Wayne County, residents 65+ account for over $250 million dollars of income.  Residents 55+ donate almost $50 million worth of time and energy through volunteer activities.   

Older Wayne County residents also contribute immeasurably to their families and local communities through caregiving activities for grandkids, family members, and neighbors.  

This year’s theme “Aging Unbound” seeks to dismantle the stereo type of older adults being frail and in poor health.  While some do live with health concerns and limitations, that in no way defines them or everyone else in the age bracket.  

During the month of May, we invite you to share with us pictures of the other side of aging, of seniors in action doing the things they love.  We will share the pictures on our Facebook page throughout the month of May.

On May 31st, it is Senior Health and Fitness Day.  We are working to plan and coordinate with community partners fun and active activities throughout the county for that day.  Stay tuned to our website and Facebook for updates.     

 I want to thank all of you for your lifetime of work and contributions to our community.  Thank you for continuing to volunteer when you don’t have to.  Thank you for helping to care for our next generation and for your family and neighbors in need.

Amy Haskins


CONGRATULATIONS to Kathryn DeMarco who has been promoted to Senior Caseworker.

WELCOME to Samantha DuVall who wil lbe joining us at the end of March as our new Principal Account Clerk!

 January 1, 2023 Edition of Directors Corner:

I find myself thinking a lot during this winter/holiday season about being prepared.  There are things you do almost without thinking because you know what is coming.  You buy salt for your sidewalk  and contract for snow removal even though there is grass all around because you know that when the snow flies, you will need it.  You start stocking up on certain foods and canned goods that you need to make your holiday meal so that you don’t have to wait until the last minute to get food for your festivities.  If you shop pn-line, you try to do it early enough for the gift to arrive before Christmas.  You pull out your winter coat, hat, boots, and mittens.  You take all these steps to be prepared for what you know is coming.

For people who put so much effort into planning and being prepared for what we know is coming, is it weird that we don’t put more effort into planning for getting older? We all know it is coming., maybe just not when. Statistics say that most of us will need some type of assistance as we age, but few of us plan for where that help will come from.  That is almost like hosting the family holiday dinner and waiting until that morning to start cleaning, decorating, and grocery shopping.

Even if you are fortunate enough to never need to activate a plan for long-term care, it is important to have a plan, just in case.  Where will you live?  Do you want to downsize at some point or do you want to live in your home forever? If you were in a wheel chair or scooter, could you get in and out and around your home?  If you get to the point where you need help bathing, do you want that to be done by a paid stranger or by a family member? Are you currently caring for someone that will also need plans in place in case you can no longer care for them?  Who do you trust to handle your money or make healthcare decisions for you?

Answering these types of questions, forming your plan, will likely require awkward or uncomfortable conversations, but in the end you will have a more solid plan than one you may try to develop in the middle of a crisis. If you have time to gather information, get people read in to your wishes and desires, write things down, then some of the anxiety and stress that comes with needing help will be reduced because you know where that help will be coming from.  Make it a New Year’s Resolution to  work on a long-term care plan.  Call us if you have questions about resources.

Amy Haskins


Krista Celso-Services Specialist
Brandy Starsczewski—Account Clerk
Bailey Kehoe—Caseworker
Amy Carrol—Clyde Lunch Club 60 Manager

When you visit our office, there will be 3 new faces starting January 3rd when Krista, Bailey, and Brandy join our team.  Amy has stepped up to be the regular manager for our Clyde Lunch Club 60.