Agricultural Development

Wayne County farmers market, sell, and distribute their products in a world economy. Agricultural Development is a programmatic approach by Wayne County to support farmers in their efforts to build profitable and rewarding businesses.

There are many tools in the toolbox that you can learn about on this website, including:

Farmworker Housing

Farms in Wayne County employ 100s of workers and their families. Some of these workers have housing provided by the farm employer. Wayne County is accepting farm applications for a farmworker-occupied mobile/manufactured home replacement program under the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)-CARES Act. The County has not yet been awarded funding, but is accepting farm applications in anticipation of an award. This program is to improve the health and safety of farm worker housing and will benefit primarily low-to-moderate income people.

  1. Farmworker Housing Replacement Application
  2. Farmworker Housing Replacement FAQs


Other Resources

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