Agricultural District

Open Enrollment

In response to a modification of the State Law, the Board of Supervisors designated January as the open enrollment period for Wayne County. At that time, properties that are actively farmed, but not included in the Agricultural District may be enrolled in the District. Fill out the Open Enrollment Form (PDF). Contact Wayne County Economic Development and Planning for more information at 315-946-5919 or email Ora Rothfuss.

Wayne County Agricultural District History2016 Agricultural District Poster

The Wayne County Board of Supervisors adopted the county's first agricultural district in 1973 and eventually, there were nine agricultural districts formed. As mapping and database technology improved, it became apparent that the County could consolidate the districts to reduce administrative costs. On June 20, 2008, the Wayne County Board of Supervisors voted to consolidate all agricultural districts into a single district known as Wayne County Agricultural District Number 1.

Before enrollment, click here to see the tax parcel is already included in the district. Maps of Agricultural Districts

View the 2016 Agricultural District Land Use Report

Agricultural Value Assessments -The agricultural assessment program allows eligible farmland owners to receive real property assessments based on the value of their land for agricultural production rather than on its development value.

View the Wayne County Soil and Water Conservation District Ag Assessment webpage.

Policy of State Agencies

The ADL (Section 305, subdivision 3) directs all State agencies to encourage the maintenance of viable farming in agricultural districts and directs the modification of their administrative regulations and procedures to effectuate this policy insofar as is consistent with the promotion of public health and safety and any federal laws, standards, criteria, rules, regulations, policies or requirements, including provisions applicable only to obtaining federal funding.

Many thanks to Wyoming County Soil and Water District for allowing us to use their Agriculture District webpage as the basis for this webpage.