Small Business Kick Start

Wayne County offers a range of programs tailored for residents and local businesses in the early planning or start-up stages of their entrepreneurial journey. The Kick Start initiative is dedicated to nurturing entrepreneurship and supporting the establishment of new businesses through diverse avenues. We proudly applaud and champion the visionary entrepreneurs who harness their talents and ideas to embark on this exciting path of creating and building successful ventures.

KickStart Wayne County

Microburst Grant Program

The Wayne County Office of Economic Development is currently offering grants designed to empower new start-up businesses. These grants are designed with the purpose of offering financial support to local small business startup projects, presenting an exceptional opportunity to give your new business a significant boost. Each application will undergo a comprehensive evaluation by our staff and a dedicated review committee to ensure completeness and sustainability. The grant funding provided is reimbursable and can range from $5,000 to $20,000. If there is a need for additional funding, applicants may explore the possibility of applying for a loan with us. We are thrilled to offer this exciting opportunity to aspiring small business owners, assisting them in realizing their entrepreneurial dreams and paving the way for remarkable success.

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Annual Pitch Competitions

Student Pitch Competition

Our team takes pride in organizing this transformative event that aims to ignite the spirit of entrepreneurship among young individuals in our community. The competition is driven by the belief that the youth are a wellspring of innovative ideas and have the potential to shape the future through their entrepreneurial endeavors. By hosting this competition, we provide students with a platform to showcase their creativity, problem-solving skills, and business acumen. We seek to cultivate a culture of entrepreneurship, offering opportunities for mentorship, networking, and valuable feedback from leaders within the community. Our goal is to inspire and empower the next generation of entrepreneurs, equipping them with the tools and experiences necessary to succeed in the ever-evolving business landscape. Join us in this exciting journey of fostering innovation, encouraging youth entrepreneurship, and creating a brighter future for Wayne County.

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Adult Pitch Competition

We are thrilled to host this exciting event aimed at supporting and accelerating the growth of start-up companies in our community. Our competition is driven by the firm belief that entrepreneurial ventures play a vital role in driving economic development and creating opportunities for both the businesses and the community at large. By providing a platform for new and innovative ideas to thrive, we aim to fuel the entrepreneurial spirit within Wayne County. Through this competition, we offer aspiring entrepreneurs a chance to showcase their potential, connect with mentors and industry experts, and compete for valuable start-up funding that can kick-start their business growth. Join us in this journey of fostering innovation, empowering local entrepreneurs, and igniting the economic landscape of Wayne County. Together, we can unlock the limitless possibilities and pave the way for a vibrant and thriving business ecosystem.

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