Site Selection

The Wayne County Office of Economic Development takes great pride in its pivotal role in assisting both domestic and foreign companies in their site selection endeavors. Our dedicated team works diligently to provide free and confidential support to businesses embarking on the journey of establishing new facilities, relocating existing ones, or expanding their current operations. With a keen understanding of the time-sensitive nature of business attraction projects, our agency is committed to being highly responsive to the needs of the site selection team.

Our collaborative approach aims to deliver tailored solutions that align with each company's unique requirements and aspirations. Through a comprehensive assessment of various factors such as infrastructure, workforce availability, logistical advantages, market access, and regulatory landscape, we strive to identify optimal sites that foster growth and prosperity. With our extensive experience in navigating local regulations and zoning complexities, we guarantee a smooth and efficient process for our esteemed partners.

Property Listings

For those seeking commercial and industrial spaces, we invite you to explore our comprehensive listings of available sites and buildings, conveniently accessible online through our esteemed economic development partners, Resimplifi and Greater Rochester Enterprise (GRE). These platforms showcase a diverse array of properties that cater to a wide range of business needs. Whether you are searching for a cutting-edge manufacturing facility, a strategically located distribution center, or a modern office space, our database features the latest and most promising opportunities. 

You can view the current available sites in Wayne County directly below or through this link: GRE website. 

Market Your Space

If you are a property owner with commercial or industrial sites available for rent or sale that are not currently listed, we encourage you to take advantage of our platform to reach potential tenants or buyers. By simply filling out the form below, you empower us to post and advertise your property online, expanding its visibility to a vast network of interested businesses.

Wayne County Site Submission Request Form

Rail-Freight Opportunities

Rail service can provide numerous benefits to companies that utilize multi-modal transportation (shipping, truck and rail) networks. These benefits include potential cost savings that can lead to job creation, all while promoting a more sustainable and eco-friendly mode of goods transportation. A comprehensive study exploring rail-freight opportunities in Wayne County was concluded in October 2021. For more detailed information on available rail development sites, we encourage you to reach out to the Office of Economic Development.

Rail-Freight Development Plan

Industrial Site Options