Tax Maps

Notice of Disclaimer

The maps that are available are a compilation of graphical and textual information from deeds and surveys, photogrammetric base maps and digital conversion of hand drawn mylar maps. Errors and omissions can occur from each of these sources; each source represents a large number of records and originators of information. As a practical matter, the County of Wayne, New York does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the information portrayed. The end user of these maps agree to accept the data "as is" with the full knowledge that errors and omissions may exist, and to hold harmless the County of Wayne, New York for any damages that may result from an inappropriate use of these maps.

Maps Are for Tax Purposes Only Not to Be Used for Conveyance of Property

All tax maps are referenced to the New York State Plane Coordinate System using the 1983 North American Datum (NAD 83). Property lines have been registered to the 1969 Wayne County, New York Photogrammetric Base Maps, and, as a result, dimensions and acreages may vary from legal descriptions. For complete legal descriptions or conveyances, please refer to the appropriate deeds and surveys that are on record in the County Clerk's Office. 

Please Note: The maps that are available on this website reflect the size and dimensions of each parcel as of Taxable Status date, which is March 1st of the current year. For changes that have occurred after March 1st, please contact this office.