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Teachers' Resource Guide to Wayne County History

974.787 Library Reference
Produced by the Wayne County Historical Society
3 Ring Binder, 10 Section

Wayne County Looking Back

974.7 Library Reference
Produced by Wayne County Historical Society
By Marjory Allen Perez and Mary Ann Bliek, Updated by Andrea T Evangelist
1980, 2004
Soft Cover, 42 Pages

New York State References

Classical Place Names in New York State

974.4 Library Reference
By William R. Farrell Copyright 2002
Soft Cover, 168 Pages

Encyclopedia of New York State, The

974.72 Library Reference
Editor in Chief, Peter Eisenstadt
Copyright 2005
Hard Cover, 1921 Pages

Sure Signs, Stories Behind the Historical Markers of Central New York

974.7 Library Reference
By Howard S Ford
Copyright 2002
Soft Cover, 394 Pages

Wayne County References

Pre-History of the Savannah, New York Area 9000 B.C. To 1700 a. D.

974.78 Library Reference
By: Harold Secor
1987 Wayne County Historical Society
69 Pages, Illustrated

  • Title Page
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Blue Cut Nature Center, Time Study Trail

Published by Wayne County
For Personal/Private Use Only. Not for Commercial Use.
Booklet, 13 Sheets

American Agriculturist Farm Directory of Ontario & Wayne Counties

1914, with Map
630 or 917.47 Library References
Published by Orange Judd Co. 1914
Hard Cover, 422 Pages

Butler Revisited

974. Library Reference
Compiled by Members of the Butler Historical Preservation Society,
2005 Printing
Soft Cover, 167 Pages

Landmarks of Wayne County, New York

974.7 Library Reference
by Cowles, George W
Copyright 1895
Hard Cover, 821 Pages

Grip's Historical Souvenir of Lyons New York

974.787library Reference
By Edgar Luderne Welch
Copyright 1904
Hardcover,108 Pages, Illustrated

Williams' Updated History of Butler Township

974.7 Library Reference
By Howard Williams
Copyright 1979
Hard Cover, 239 Pages
An Index Is Now Available (October 2007)

Wayne County: The Aesthetic Heritage of a Rural Area

974.7 Library Reference
By: Stephen W Jacobs
Copyright 1979
Hard Cover, 287 Pages, Illustrated

Historic Preservation

Economics of Historic Preservation, a Community Leader's Guide

By Donovan D. Rypkema
National Trust for Historic Preservation
1994, Printing 2005
Soft Cover, 124 Pages

House Histories: A Guide to Tracing the Genealogy of Your Home.

728.028 Library Reference
By Sally Light
Copyright 1989
Soft Cover, 300 Pages

Historic Sites

The Courtship Years, Diaries of Lewis F Allen & Marion E Hoag 1897 to 1899

Acquired 2009
Edited by Marjory Allen Perez, Copyright 2009
Soft Cover, 51 Pages

Immanuel United Church of Christ, Ontario New York 1857 to 2007 One Hundred & Fifty Years of Christian Service

Acquired July 2007
Soft Cover, 54 Pages

Images of America: Ontario

Acquired 2007
974.786 Mea Library Reference
By Joann Meaker
Copyright 2007
Soft Cover, 128 Pages
Copies Can Be Purchased

Mint in the Mucklands: Imagining the 19th Century Peppermint Industry in Lyons, New York

Acquired April 2007
A Thesis
By Jenny Ann Mikulski
January 2007
Soft Cover, 183 Pages
Copies Not Available from Office of the County Historian

Lyons Fire Department: Then & Now 1831 to 2003

Acquired October 2006
974.7 Library Reference
By William J. Maddock
Hard Cover, 125 Pages

Howland's Island History & Savannah Muckland Farming History

974.797 Library Reference
Edited by: Robert K and Barbara S Mead. Copyright 2007
Soft Cover, 82 Pages, Illustrated

Pettiness in Paradise & Other Tales of Appleboom Point

Acquired 2008
974.7 Library Reference
By John E Conners Copyright 2007
Soft Cover,231 Pages

Recent Acquisitions

Did You Know?

Acquired 2018
Based on Exhibit "Did You Know" at Wayne County Historical Society
By Larry Ann Evans
Wayne County Historical Society Copyright 2018
Soft Cover, 94 Pages

Freedom a Shared Sacrifice

Acquired 2018
973.74 Library Reference
By Marjory Allen Perez, Copyright 2018
Soft Cover, 344 Pages

Peer Luck, the Life & Times of Frank Sherman Peer

Acquired 2018
Agriculture Entrepreneur, Livestock Importer, Lumberman, Sportsman and Author
East Palmyra, New York to England and More as Told in His Own Words
Edited by Beth M. Hoad and Sally Valentine
Copyright 2017
Soft Cover, 198 Pages

  • Frank Sherman Peer Cover Picture
  • Frank Sherman Peer Contents Page

The First Hundred Churches of Wayne County, New York

Acquired 2018
By Loreen Jorgensen, Copyright 2018

Final Stop, Freedom!

Acquired 2017
By Marjory Allen Perez, Copyright 2017
Soft Cover, 104 Pages

Great Sodus Bay, Postcard History Series

Acquired 2016
974.7 Library Reference
By Rosa Fox Copyright 2016
Soft Cover, 128 Pages

Huron New York

Acquired 2014
720.97 Library Reference
By John Powell, Copyright 2010
Hard Cover, 181 Pages

Northeastern Wayne County, New York

Acquired 2014
720.97 Library Reference
By John Powell, Copyright 2011
Soft Cover, 292 Pages

Sodus Point Pictures, Postcards

Acquired 2014
720.97 Library Reference
By John Powell, Copyright 2010
Soft Cover, 280 Pages

"Old Line Mail" Stagecoach Days in Upstate New York

Acquired 2014
974.7 Library Reference
By Richard F Palmer Copyright 1977
Hard Cover, 172 Pages

Peppermint Summer

Acquired 2014
J Fic Gorthy Library Reference
By Pat Gorthy Copyright 2013
Soft Cover, 131 Pages

Architectural Heritage of Genesee County New York

Acquired 2014
720.97 Library Reference
Pub by Landmark Society of Genesee County Inc
Soft Cover, 339 Pages

The Seneca Army Depot, Fighting Wars from the New York Home Front

Acquired 2013
355.7 Library Reference
By Walter Gable and Carolyn Zogg, Copyright 2012
Soft Cover, 190 Pages, Nonfiction

1812 the Land Between Flowing Waters

Acquired 2013
By Ken Leland Copyright 2013
Soft Cover, 276 Pages, Fiction

Images of America: Macedon

Acquired 2013
By Reginald W Neale
Copyright 2013
Soft Cover, 128 Pages

The Balloting Book & Other Documents Relating to Military Bounty Lands in the State of New York

Acquired 2012
A New York State Council of Genealogical Organizations Publication, 2011
Soft Cover, 217 Pages with Map

The Tonawanda Seneca's' Heroic Battle Against Removal

Acquired 2012
By Laurence M Hauptman
Copyright 2011
Soft Cover, 196 Pages

Morrison, Galen District School Houses

Acquired 2012
971.6 Library Reference
By W S Morrison
Soft Cover, 38 Pages

No Freedom Shrieker

Acquired 2011
by Katherine M Aldridge Copyright 2012
Soft Cover, 276 Pages

The Public Historian. Strengthening the Management of State History: Issues, Perspectives, & Insights from New York

Acquired 2011
Sponsored by the National Council on Public History and the University of California, Santa Barbara
Copyright 2011
Soft Cover, 159 Pages

A War of 1812 Death Register "Whispers in the Dark"

Acquired 2011
By Jack Bilow
Copyright 2011
Hard Cover, 520 Pages

The First 200 Years: Images of Lyons, New York

Acquired 2011
by Andrea T Evangelist Copyright 2011
Soft Cover, 211 Pages

Sodus Point & Sodus Bay in the 20th Century (Second Printing 2010)

Stories, Biographies, Portraits, Interviews, Pictures, Amusements, and Information About the People, Places, Events, Businesses, Fishing, Hunting, Boating, Snowmobiling, Politics, Weather, and Sports of the Area.
Acquired 2011
by Alan Firstone (First Printing 2006)
Soft Cover, 115 Pages

A Jail Among Us, the Wayne County Jail on Butternut Street, 1856 to 1960

Acquired 2010
by Larry Ann Evans with Additional Information and Research by Lt. Steve Sklenar
Published by Wayne County Historical Society, Lyons New York
Copyright 2010, 1992
Soft Cover, 99 Pages, Illustrated

Historic New York, Architectural Journeys in the Empire State

Acquired 2010
720.9 Library Reference
by Andy Olenick and Richard O Reisem
Published by Landmark Society of Western New York
Copyright 2006
Hard Cover, 208 Pages, Illustrated

Ontario New York Bicentennial, Ontario Through the Decades 1807-2007

Acquired 2010
Hard Cover, 54 Pages, Shutterfly Album

Sodus Point Volunteer Fire Department 1910 to 2010

Acquired 2010
Soft Cover, 171 Pages

Images of America: Ontario

Acquired 2007
974.786 Mea Library Reference
by Joann Meaker
Copyright 2007
Soft Cover, 128 Pages
Copies Can Be Purchased