1972: Ann Collins (1916 to 1999), from Lyons was a painter of thoroughbred race horses, granddaughter of Wayne County Sheriff Jerry Collins, and mother of Larry Ann Evans (actress, director, playwright and present Director of the Museum of Wayne County History).

1960: Mildred Taylor (1905 to 1981), was the daughter of Louis and Val Everhart Frick from Lyons. Married to Paul Taylor in 1937, this upstate Republican became Wayne County's first woman representative to the New York State Assembly in 1940. During her 20 years in that body, she championed many bills that benefited NYS residents. She supported bills that protected Lake Ontario and migrant farmworkers, and secured funding to build the railroad overpass on Route 14 still in use today. She is credited with the designation of the rose as the New York state flower in 1955, and was a delegate to the 1940, 1948 and 1960 Republican National Conventions. She was even a presidential elector, voting for the Eisenhower/Nixon ticket in 1956.

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