Pre-Certification Training Classes

Contact the Wayne County Department of Social Services at 315-946-4881 ext. 1425 or 1479 for more information.

 Informational meetings and classes are offered throughout the year. 

Classes are informal and are conducted in a relaxed atmosphere. 

Classes provide an opportunity for people to receive information pertaining to all areas of care for children, including legal, academic, behavioral, sexual, emotional and birth family connections. 

There are no tests! Applicants, as required by law, are fingerprinted, cleared through the NYS Central Registry of Child Sexual Abuse, cleared through local law enforcement agencies and must provide medical poof of good health with no communicable diseases. 

Everyone in the home over the age of 18 must be fingerprinted. 

Two home visits are conducted by the Trainer prior to the final certification of the home. 

Paper work must be completed prior to beginning the homestudy of the family/individual. 

Information regarding the roles of the agency (Child Protective Services and Foster/Adoptive Care), caseworkers, counselors, Attorneys, schools and medical needs of the children is included in the 8-10 week training. The decision to foster/adopt is discussed throughout the training as well as during home visits. It is perfectly ‘OK” to decide not to become certified. Education helps you make informed decisions.