Tips For Businesses


Back-up Plans: Prepare for a potential increase in customers; have needed supplies on hand and early; consider extending hours of operation to meet customer needs and have back-up plans if staff is delayed due to traffic.

Employee Preparedness: Encourage employees to have a full tank of gas; have their own resources ready at home; have daycare needs met, etc., by Thursday, April 4, 2024. Gas stations may be very busy or may be waiting on resupply. Make sure your staff can get to work, so give them reminders to plan ahead.

Cash & Financial Transactions: Be prepared for more cash transactions.  You may have larger than normal deposits over the weekend. Check ahead of time if your bank will be open on Monday, April 8, 2024.

How Does Your Credit/Debit Card Machine Access The Internet? If you use cell service/cell wireless service for your transactions, be prepared with a backup plan. We anticipate a high demand for cellular service during the impact period, especially Monday, April 8, 2024. You may find you are not able to make transactions; have a backup plan to meet your customers' needs.

Communications: Anticipate possible cellular service disruptions due to the increased demand. Visitors may have requests to use your landline business phone if cell service is limited; decide how you want to handle these requests and make sure employees know what to do. If it is a 911 emergency and you have a landline, be ready to help!

Be aware many visitors will be in authorized and potentially unauthorized locations; expect customers who may be interested in using business restrooms.